1.8 to 1.9 Summon Converter

This tool will attempt to convert your Minecraft 1.8 summon commands into the new 1.9 format. It will look for Riding, Equipment, DropChances, and HealF NBTs and convert them to Passengers, ArmorItems, ArmorDropChances, HandItems, HandDropChances and Health NBTs. It will not work in every case but it will at least try it's best. Please check the output carefully before copying over your old commands. For best results input commands that are free from unnecessary spaces. This tool will not attempt to parse every tag. It will only try to search for the tags listed above and will copy all other tags as found. It works by identifying all entities in the stack and then constructing a new summon command in the reverse order with Passengers tag in pace of the Riding tag. Where Equipment and DropChances tags are found, these will be converted to the appropriate tags for 1.9. The tool is case sensitive. Please use the same capitalisation of Riding, HealF, Equipment and DropChances tags. Instances of these words in other contexts may confuse the parser and cause incorrect output.

1.8 Summon Command

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1.9 Summon Command

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Thanks to Red Max for suggesting the creation of this tool. This will surely be very useful for readying the many existing adventure maps and servers for compatibility with Minecraft 1.9. To go back and have to recreate all of your summon commands could be a very time consuming task. So I hope this tool will save you lots of time.

Thanks for checking out the page.

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