I had a big box set of old horror DVDs that hadn't got round to watching yet. And on the computer, I had a few dark dubstep and dancehall rhythms. So I indiscriminately ripped some audio samples from a handful of the films and surgically spliced smashed them into some beats with a blunt instrument. The result was an unholy abomination of a mix that will take you on a wicked ride through a few horror subgenres.

It all kicks off with Biotech Gone Bad where some biologists have engineered a pesticide or as they like to call it "God's gift to the farmer". The military get involved and somehow a deadly virus strain disappears from the lab and ends up in the wild. Following this, someone is urged not to go down into The Cellar.

Next, a demonic girl shows very little compassion regarding her mother's admission to the Looney Bin. And we follow this up with The Demon. This spooky instrumental samples the choir and orchestra from the film's theme.

Everything goes bat shit crazy on the next two dancehall rhythms. First, with Fugitives from the Undertaker. Jeff keeps seeing zombies. Was he drinking too much homebrew or were they real? And who knew that zombies could be vegetarian? Second we blast off for a Laser Fight in Outer Space. The aliens get blown away by a major offensive weapon which happens to be powered by a popular laser/sci-fi SFX library. Anyway the crew's ship takes some damage during the exchange and it drifts into a planet that looks like a sensational place for the weekend.

There's something killing people who go into the swamp. It wasn't 'gators, squids or large octopi. Turns out it was Giant Leeches. This is followed up by piece about a police inspector who seems to enjoy his gruesome work a little too much. The inspector asks a young lady "Will you come to tea?" and tries to solicit a response.

A mad scientist manages to keep his girlfriend's head alive after it is severed in a car accident. While the scientist goes out looking for suitable body to Transplant the head onto, the bodyless girlfriend discusses her new feelings of power. We finish things up with another mad scientist, this time with vampire traits. He says "Nice meeting you" as he farewells us.

The Ripper by Pyro Stunts

Mp3 Downloads

Tracks can be downloaded below as a continuous mix or individually.

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Pyro Stunts - The Ripper (Continuous Mix) 48.96 MBmp3
Pyro Stunts - The Ripper (Individual Tracks Zipped) 39.52 MBzip
Individual Tracks
1) Biotech Gone Badmp3
2) The Cellar (Interlude)mp3
3) Looney Binmp3
4) The Demonmp3
5) Fugitives from the Undertakermp3
6) Laser Fight in Outer Spacemp3
7) Giant Leeches Did Itmp3
8) Will you come to tea?mp3
9) Transplantmp3
10) Nice meeting yoump3

Sample Sources

Audio was sampled from the following films. Links go to each corresponding film's listing on IMDB.

1) Biotech Gone BadThe Alpha Incident (1978), Scream Bloody Murder (1972),
Day of Resurrection (1980)
2) The Cellar (Interlude)Funeral Home (1980), Scream Bloody Murder (1972)
3) The Looney BinCathy's Curse (1977), Scream Bloody Murder (1972)
4) The DemonThe Demon (1979)
5) Fugitives from the UndertakerKing of the Zombies (1941)
6) Laser Fight in Outer SpaceWar of the Robots (1978)
7) Giant Leeches Did ItAttack of the Giant Leeches (1959)
8) Will you come to tea?Man in the Attic (1953), Demons of Ludlow (1983)
9) TransplantThe Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)
10) Nice meeting youThe Corpse Vanishes (1942)
Cover ArtFrame taken from The Treasure of the Living Dead (1981)

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