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Minecraft QR Code Generator

QR Codes work well on Minecraft maps. They can be used to direct players to a web site with a camera enabled device. The website could then provide information about the map or server the player is on. QR Codes are tedious to create and it is easy to make mistakes when building them block by block.

On this page I have made a Minecraft QR Code generator that can generate a series of setblock and fill commands that are merged into one large summon command of stacked commandblock_minecart entities. You will also need some basic red stone skills for this to work. Follow the steps below to create your QR Code in Minecraft.

Step 1 - Enter a URL or Text

You would normally enter a URL into this box. But you can enter just about anything. For best results you should try to keep the URL or text short. The longer the text, the more squares the QR Code will have. This also means that the series of commands that need to be generated might exceed the CommandBlock's maximum character limit of 32,767. If your command exceeds this length, the generator will warn you that it can’t proceed. If your URL is very long, you could use a URL shortener.

Enter your URL or text here:

Step 2 - Set the Placement

Set the placement of the QR code. Here you just need to decide which direction the player faces when viewing the QR Code. The options are North, South, East and West.

Step 3 - Choose your Blocks

Minecraft has many black and white blocks suitable for QR Codes. You can choose from the list or optionally specify some other block into the text field after choosing Custom from the list. The format is <blockname> [data tag]. The data tag is optional and used to specify the block sub type if required.

White Block
Black Block

Step 4 - Place a Command Block

Command Block 1You will need to be in creative mode now and you will need to give yourself a command block with this command:

/give @p command_block

The QR Code is built relative to this command block so this will determine where you place the command block. The bottom of the QR Code will be at the same vertical position (y) as the bottom of the command block. And it will be built one block to the right of the command block when facing the direction specified in step 2. Place some redstone blocks as shown here.

Copy and paste all of the code from the box below into the command block. Now activate the command block once only by placing a redstone block directly in front of it. A large stack of commandblock_minecart entities will appear above the command block. Also you will notice that part of the QR Code is drawn and will appear to flicker. This is a slight glitch caused by a few of the commandblock_minecart entities being activated repeatedly while they are sitting on the activator rail. The next step will deal with that.

Step 5 - Make a Redstone Clock

Command Block 2This redstone clock will activate another command block which will remove the bottom commandblock_minecart making way for the next commandblock_minecart to become activated by the activator rail. Make a simple redstone clock as shown. The command in this block is:

/kill @e[type=commandblock_minecart,c=1]

Depending on the size of the QR Code and the speed of the redstone clock, you're QR Code should be finished within a minute or so.

Important Do not have the Redstone clock running before step 4 has been completed. If you do, the background of the QR Code may not be created. Also it is important to create a redstone clock that is not running too fast as it may prevent parts of the code from being created. Creating the clock as shown should be fine. You'll just have to wait longer for the QR Code to complete.

Warning If you have other commandblock_minecart entities on your map, they too will be removed. If you need to keep them, use this command in the command block instead. It will only remove command blocks within a 20 block radius. The command block would need to be within 20 blocks of the bottom Minecart.

/kill @e[type=commandblock_minecart,c=1,r=20]

Step 6 - You're Finished

Try the QR Code out on your QR Reader. If it all works, you can destroy all of the redstone machines and command blocks.


This tool was make possible with what was learned from dandydrank's how-to on Making Multiple Commands in One Command Block.

Also Jerome Etienne's JavaScript QR Code Generator was an essential component of this tool.

And special thanks to mitchellcrazyeye for making this excellent tutorial video for the QR Code generator.

Thanks for checking out the page.

Contact bimbimma@gmail.com or @PyroStunts.

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