The In Sound From Way Out

As I write I’m eagerly awaiting getting hold of the new Beastie Boys album “The Mix-Up”. This album is instrumental only. I really enjoyed the compilation they put out in 1996 called “The In Sound From Way Out”. This excellent release contained instrumental cuts mainly from their “Check Your Head” and “Ill Communication” albums. Anyways this is still one of my favourite Beastie Boys releases so I’m sure their new album will not disappoint.

Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out

Now this gets me going off on a Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley tangent. Sometime after a bought the Beasties “In Sound From Way Out”, I came across an LP in an op-shop with the same name and similar cover art. I’d never heard of Perrey-Kingsley before. The notes on the back of the album mentioned that Perrey-Kingsley were pioneers of electronic music. All the tracks on the album were painstakingly constructed with spliced analogue tape.

Perrey-Kingsley “The In Sound from Way Out!”

I was hoping this album would sound something like the Beastie’s version however it was quite the opposite. This first time I listened to the album I wanted to throw it away as it reeked of seven varieties of bad cheese. I’ve had a few listens in the last few years. Each time I play it, I have more appreciation. After all, it is pretty ground breaking for an album released in 1966.

And now for another tangent, The Robotic Intergalactic Astro-Artists (RIAA) has released “Sounds For The Space-Set!!”. It’s free mp3 mash-up business featuring pioneers of electronic music with more contemporary artists. My favourites are Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer’s “Re-Entry To The Moon” with Rihanna’s “’Pon De Replay” and Timerlake’s “Sexy Back” with Three Suns “Caravan,”. There are 20 more tracks on there. Some are good and some are to be avoided.

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