Music for Short Films

The V 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking contest is creeping up on us again. It’s 16-18 of May to be precise. I’ve been involved in this for three years now and I’m always amazed at how much the films improve over the previous years. The part I play in our team (Fractured Radius) is to produce the music. 48 hours is a pretty tight deadline to try to write, shoot and edit a film and to then provide appropriate music for. So while the writing and shooting is going on, I’m on my PC composing music, stings or other sounds that will be added into the film during the editing.

What I like most about the contest is that you never know which genre your team will have to make a film for. Personally I would really like to get Horror or Sci-fi. As I have a the Arturia Minimoog V plug-in that will be ideal for this type of film. If you’ve heard the music on Planet Terror then you’ll know what I’ m on about. The genre that I would like to get the least would probably be musical. Only because I would have loads more responsibility in making the film work. You will never know how it may turn out. It could be a masterpiece.

Anyways if your interested in checking out the films that I’ve been involved in previous years, check out the links below.

The Big Job 2007, Genre: Crime
Fruits Of passion 2005, Genre: Romance
Sceptre of MacGuffin 2004, Genre: Action/Adventure

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