Recording a Demo DIY Style – FREE ebook

Way back in 2005 I started writing a beginners guide to recording a demo using a PC. This was to be my first big foray into the info-publishing business. Basically the book was pretty much finished and resided on the computer until now. I just opened the Doc about an hour ago and made some minor changes. It’s probably still full of typos but the content is pretty good.

I was planning on selling it but the information is nothing new and is easily found elsewhere. So if you looking for a step-by-step guide for recording vocals and instruments into your computer through to mixing, then download Recording a Demo DIY Style. The ebook is licensed under creative commons so you can share it as you wish. I’ll probably convert it to HTML and run some adds on it to make some money that way. So this will probably be done in 2010. In the meantime here’s the pdf.

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