Translating MCStacker

MCStacker has been translated into German all thanks to the guys at . Originally translations were only available for tool tips, but now most of MCStacker can be translated. This includes pages, labels, tool tips, buttons, error messages, and the items, status effects names, enchantments and more. To make this possible quite a lot of code had to change, but it was well worth the effort.

I have created a repository on GitHub containing only the files required for translation (not all of MCStacker). If you do not want to use GitHub, I can email you the required files. The main file you need is called lang.js. This file contains all of the variable declarations in English. The language file that you create contains a function called translateMCStacker(). This function assigns the translated text for each of the variables declared in lang.js. Look at the German translation file de.js as an example.

If this looks like something you are able to do, I would be happy to hear from you. You will need fluency in English and another language, good knowledge of Minecraft commands, and very basic coding skills. I recommend using Notepad++ for the text editor.  Email me at if you are interested . Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer any kind of financial incentive for this work. But I can offer a link back to a website of your choice from the translated page.

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