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Minecraft Summon Command Generator for Stacking Mobs and lots more

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

I’ve just uploaded my summon command generator tool for Minecraft . It’s a pretty powerful tool designed for map makers who want to create mobs with many customizable options

It features:

  • Mob Stacking
  • Mob equipment with drop chances
  • Enchant enchatable items held/worn by mobs
  • Status Effects
  • Colored Leather armor
  • Options specific to certain mob entities

I’ve tested this only of Firefox and Chrome. Hopefully other browsers will be ok. I havn’t worked out Villager trades yet but may get round to it one day.

Check it out at:

Emoticon Z – The Zombie Shooter

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

I’ve been coding in with Processsing for some time now. But when I learned that there was a JavaScript library for it (, I just had to make this game.  I started it three weeks ago and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d like to keep enhancing it, but what I’d like to do next is to redo it in Java and make it  multiplayer. Check it out at

Bashment Ball

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I just finished my Android application which is  Pong variant. It’s been uploaded it onto Google Play (formally the Android App Market). I started this project in February 2012 and have  gotten it to a publishable state. It was good to learn something new and see it through to completion. The game  is based on the Solo-Pong HTML5 canvas game that I created a while ago. There are a few differences like bonus items and the way it is played with a touch screen. The theme for the game is based around Jamaican dancehall rhythms(riddims) and the accompanying sci-fi sound effects . In Jamaican patios this is also known as bashment. Over time, I had created a few dancehall rhythms and this game provided a good outlet for this music to be heard.  Seven of my rhythms are featured in the game and it seems to work out well with many of the familiar bashment sound effects. There are two versions available (free and paid). The free version is supported by ads and the paid version has no ads but costs $NZ 2.00.

Bashment Ball - Android Game

Bashment Ball - Android Game


Solo-Pong: Another HTML5 Canvas Element Pong Variant

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I made this Pong game so that I learn some new skills. Particularley with the HTML5 Canvas Element. I also wanted to have a crack at learning some AJAX since I’d never really used it before. The game runs well in browsers that support it. Apparently it should work in Internet Explorer 9 when it comes out.

For a long time, the best score I could get was around 50 but then I managed to get 99 when will be really hard to beat. So have a go. You’ll need to log in so that your scores can be tracked. Click here to play Solo-Pong. Enjoy!!!

Solo-Pong Screenshot

Solo-Pong Screenshot

N is for Ninja

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Well. I’m on holidays right now. It’s raining outside so I’ve been playing ‘N’. To tell the truth I’ve probably invested about 15 hours of my time in the last week playing this platform game. ‘N’ is very addictive and I can’t leave it alone. It’s all about a ninja that has to go around collecting gold and avoiding robots whilst racing against the clock. This is not a graphics intensive game and you wont need a high spec computer to play it. And best of all it is freeware. It’s written in flash and features a realistic physics engine. You can download it from here. But be careful, you may not be able to put down either.


N Screen Shot