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MCStacker not loading

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

I get a email every week or so from people who are unable to get MCStacker to work in their browser. It has been hard to definitively pinpoint exact cause. But if you have been unlucky enough to be greeted with a JavaScript error, then read on because this article might be able to help you. The following are things you can try to get MCStacker to work for you.


Can jQuery be accessed?

MCStacker uses the jQuery library to do what it does. But if your browser can’t download the required jQuery library, MCStacker will not load. Can your browser access this file? If you are seeing a bunch of programming code in the tab you just opened, then that is a good start.

You can’t access the jQuery file? That’s interesting. You could try to access MCStacker with this special link: If this brings you success then it probably means that access to the default jQuery location is blocked for some reason. The special link uses a local jQuery file on the same domain as MCStacker.


Is JavaScript enabled?

MCStacker requires JavaScript to run. Most people have it enabled in their browser. You would need a good reason to want it disabled. You can check if it is enabled by visiting this website:


Have you tried another browser?

Sometimes a browser can be compromised by malware or malicious plugins. Try switching to another browser. No Luck? How about disabling the plugins.


Still no luck? Time to read the logs.

This article tells you how to access your browser’s error console. What you are looking for are error messages in the console tab and network tab. Please Google the error messages you see to find solutions. Alternatively, send me screenshots of your console and network logs. I may be able to offer some assistance.

Somebody sent me a screenshot of their console log recently and what it showed were instances of the browser trying to access some content from a website domain ending with .info . These sites are notorious for hosting all kinds or malicious stuff. For some reason this was interfering with MCStacker and preventing it from working. The user in this case had Malware affecting their browser. I suggested that they install Malwarebytes to remove the malware. In this case it worked for them. If you see websites mentioned in the logs that look a bit suspicious, try running a Malware scan on your computer.


Too much interference?

There are three other instances of JavaScript on the page which prevents MCStacker working for some people. These are present to track page stats, show the Twitter widget and for displaying advertisements. I can provide you with a link to disable these other features. I do not wish to publicly share this link for obvious reasons. Advertising revenue is important to me and it provides me with the incentive to keep adding features to MCStacker. Please contact me for the link if all else fails. One recent change I have made is to prevent the Twitter widget loading by default. To see the widget, you have to click the button titled ‘MCStacker Tweets’. This should decrease the page load time a little.



As you can see there are many potential causes for MCStacker not to work. If any of these tips helped you, please let me know about it at or twitter. Perhaps I can change a few things in MCStacker to prevent this from happening to others.