Minecraft Server Hosting with Digital Ocean

September 12th, 2015

In early September 2015, the time had come for me to transfer MCStacker to another virtual server. Previously it was located in New Zealand with OpenHost. I had been using this company for many years with very little issues. The problem was that MCStacker got really popular and I was quickly using up my 30 GB monthly bandwidth allowance. Another reason to move was that most of the visitors to the site were from the US. Some were saying that the page load times were too slow due to the geographical distance to NZ.

I didn’t have to look too hard to find a suitable replacement. I decided to go with Digital Ocean mainly for the insanely low cost and for the excellent reviews it has. The coolest thing about virtual servers is that you get total control with what you run on them. With the plan that I’m currently using I get 1GB of RAM, a 30 GB SSD and 2 TB of bandwidth. So not only can I serve a busy website but I can also allocate 512 MBs for a vanilla Minecraft server. And this only costs $10 per month.

My Minecraft server at bimbimma.com does not really have anything too cool or exciting on it. Although it does have a fun exploding arrow minigame. Other than that it’s basically a vanilla survival map. It’s got some random buildings and weird stuff that my son and his friends built on it. I’ve made it available so that you can see how it performs in the hope that you too might like to purchase some virtual server hosting with Digital Ocean. If you do I’ll receive a referral credit on my account and this will help me with my own hosting costs/MCStacker development. But you have to sign up via my referral link.

My server is based in New York, so the closer you live to there, the better the pings. Playing my server from New Zealand had very little lag. But the nature of lag means that it comes and goes. When you create a virtual server with Digital Ocean you get to chose to base your server in either Amsterdam, Frankfurt, San Francisco, New York, London or Singapore. Choose the region closest to your user’s/player’s location

Allocation of 512 MBs for a Minecraft server should be able to handle about 10 players at once. If you require more players, then you can purchase a bigger plan.To set up a server you will need a little know-how, but there’s always somebody on the Minecraft forums willing to help. There’s even a guide here.

Running and administrating a Minecraft server is lots of fun and you get to learn a lot about server administration. You should give it a go and it’s a great way to share all those cool minigames or adventure maps you’ve made.

Translating MCStacker

February 1st, 2015

MCStacker has been translated into German all thanks to the guys at alles-minecraft.de . Originally translations were only available for tool tips, but now most of MCStacker can be translated. This includes pages, labels, tool tips, buttons, error messages, and the items, status effects names, enchantments and more. To make this possible quite a lot of code had to change, but it was well worth the effort.

I have created a repository on GitHub containing only the files required for translation (not all of MCStacker). If you do not want to use GitHub, I can email you the required files. The main file you need is called lang.js. This file contains all of the variable declarations in English. The language file that you create contains a function called translateMCStacker(). This function assigns the translated text for each of the variables declared in lang.js. Look at the German translation file de.js as an example.

If this looks like something you are able to do, I would be happy to hear from you. You will need fluency in English and another language, good knowledge of Minecraft commands, and very basic coding skills. I recommend using Notepad++ for the text editor.  Email me at bimbimma@gmail.com if you are interested . Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer any kind of financial incentive for this work. But I can offer a link back to a website of your choice from the translated page.

MCStacker not loading

December 18th, 2014

I get a email every week or so from people who are unable to get MCStacker to work in their browser. It has been hard to definitively pinpoint exact cause. But if you have been unlucky enough to be greeted with a JavaScript error, then read on because this article might be able to help you. The following are things you can try to get MCStacker to work for you.


Can jQuery be accessed?

MCStacker uses the jQuery library to do what it does. But if your browser can’t download the required jQuery library, MCStacker will not load. Can your browser access this file? If you are seeing a bunch of programming code in the tab you just opened, then that is a good start.

You can’t access the jQuery file? That’s interesting. You could try to access MCStacker with this special link: http://mcstacker.bimbimma.com/?jslocal=1. If this brings you success then it probably means that access to the default jQuery location is blocked for some reason. The special link uses a local jQuery file on the same domain as MCStacker.


Is JavaScript enabled?

MCStacker requires JavaScript to run. Most people have it enabled in their browser. You would need a good reason to want it disabled. You can check if it is enabled by visiting this website: http://www.enable-javascript.com/


Have you tried another browser?

Sometimes a browser can be compromised by malware or malicious plugins. Try switching to another browser. No Luck? How about disabling the plugins.


Still no luck? Time to read the logs.

This article tells you how to access your browser’s error console. What you are looking for are error messages in the console tab and network tab. Please Google the error messages you see to find solutions. Alternatively, send me screenshots of your console and network logs. I may be able to offer some assistance.

Somebody sent me a screenshot of their console log recently and what it showed were instances of the browser trying to access some content from a website domain ending with .info . These sites are notorious for hosting all kinds or malicious stuff. For some reason this was interfering with MCStacker and preventing it from working. The user in this case had Malware affecting their browser. I suggested that they install Malwarebytes to remove the malware. In this case it worked for them. If you see websites mentioned in the logs that look a bit suspicious, try running a Malware scan on your computer.


Too much interference?

There are three other instances of JavaScript on the page which prevents MCStacker working for some people. These are present to track page stats, show the Twitter widget and for displaying advertisements. I can provide you with a link to disable these other features. I do not wish to publicly share this link for obvious reasons. Advertising revenue is important to me and it provides me with the incentive to keep adding features to MCStacker. Please contact me for the link if all else fails. One recent change I have made is to prevent the Twitter widget loading by default. To see the widget, you have to click the button titled ‘MCStacker Tweets’. This should decrease the page load time a little.



As you can see there are many potential causes for MCStacker not to work. If any of these tips helped you, please let me know about it at bimbimma@gmail.com or twitter. Perhaps I can change a few things in MCStacker to prevent this from happening to others.



Minecraft Summon Command Generator for Stacking Mobs and lots more

February 1st, 2014

I’ve just uploaded my summon command generator tool for Minecraft . It’s a pretty powerful tool designed for map makers who want to create mobs with many customizable options

It features:

  • Mob Stacking
  • Mob equipment with drop chances
  • Enchant enchatable items held/worn by mobs
  • Status Effects
  • Colored Leather armor
  • Options specific to certain mob entities

I’ve tested this only of Firefox and Chrome. Hopefully other browsers will be ok. I havn’t worked out Villager trades yet but may get round to it one day.

Check it out at: http://bimbimma.com/mcstacker/

Emoticon Z – The Zombie Shooter

October 3rd, 2013

I’ve been coding in with Processsing for some time now. But when I learned that there was a JavaScript library for it (processingjs.org), I just had to make this game.  I started it three weeks ago and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d like to keep enhancing it, but what I’d like to do next is to redo it in Java and make it  multiplayer. Check it out at emoticonz.bimbimma.com

Quantum PC Support Scam

June 26th, 2012

I received a call from the folks at “Quantum PC Support”. You might know them better as the Indian PC support scammers. Apparently they “detected” some kind of malware on my PC. I’ve had this call at least ten times and I usually hang up on them or say something smart like I’m using a Mac. But this time I decided to go through the process and see how they go about “rectifying” my PC.

First they get you to go to the Windows Event Viewer. You go to Start, Run, type in eventvwr and then click OK. They get you to click on System on the left hand side. Now click on the ‘Type’ Column header to sort them. Now they get you to scroll down to the bottom so that you can see all the warnings and errors. They ask you if you are aware of what the errors are all about. I said I did not know. In reality these errors and warnings are completely normal and nothing to be worried about. But to a novice PC user they could look suspicious. They told me that these errors were caused by malware and that these were responsible for slowing my computer down. Not to worry because they have a “solution”.

The Event Viewer

The Event Viewer

At this point I was put through to another person. They must have needed someone who could seal the deal so to speak. She introduced herself as Catherine Anderson from Quantum PC Support who is based in Auckland. If I needed to contact her again, the contact number was 09 973 5669. I briefly Googled this but the company is not based in Auckland and the number is fake.

Catherine asks me which browser I use. I say I use Firefox. They want me to go to their website www.qpcs123.com . But they must want me to access this with Internet Explorer. So she tells me to go to Start, Run, type in iexplore, then click OK. This is another way to start up Internet Explorer. However, I go to their website using Firefox (the safer browser) and am presented with a box to type in an Invitation Code that she gave me over the phone. This is presumably so Catherine can get her commission.  Immediately after I enter the number and hit the Join button this box pops up.

Elisnore.ScreenConnect Client


Here you have the option to save it or open it. They want me to open/run it. At this point I cancel out before I get in too deep.

And the conversation went a bit like this:

I have good knowledge with issues to do with computer security and there is no way that I am going to run this software you have got me to download.

Excuse me sir, what is the problem?

You want me to run this software but it has a Trojan in it and it will make computer accessible to hackers.

No sir you are wrong. You need to run this program.

No, I know what I doing. My computer is fine. It has no malware on it. I am not going to do this because it will infect my computer.

Why did you say that you did not know what all of the errors in the Event Viewer was about?

I went through the process so that I could learn more about this unethical business model so that I could blog about it and warn others.

Well if you are so smart why don’t you just Run it. You should know that nothing bad will happen”.

No thanks. So how did you know my PC had malware on it? How did you associate my IP address with my phone number?

They hung up. I had more questions to ask. But what I really want to know is why NZ landline providers are not blocking these calls. After some more Googling it turns out that Elsinore Screen Connect software probably wasn’t Trojan. However it would have allowed somebody to remotely control my PC. And once this was done anything thing could have ended up on it

Bashment Ball

April 13th, 2012

I just finished my Android application which is  Pong variant. It’s been uploaded it onto Google Play (formally the Android App Market). I started this project in February 2012 and have  gotten it to a publishable state. It was good to learn something new and see it through to completion. The game  is based on the Solo-Pong HTML5 canvas game that I created a while ago. There are a few differences like bonus items and the way it is played with a touch screen. The theme for the game is based around Jamaican dancehall rhythms(riddims) and the accompanying sci-fi sound effects . In Jamaican patios this is also known as bashment. Over time, I had created a few dancehall rhythms and this game provided a good outlet for this music to be heard.  Seven of my rhythms are featured in the game and it seems to work out well with many of the familiar bashment sound effects. There are two versions available (free and paid). The free version is supported by ads and the paid version has no ads but costs $NZ 2.00.

Bashment Ball - Android Game

Bashment Ball - Android Game


Solo-Pong: Another HTML5 Canvas Element Pong Variant

December 1st, 2010

I made this Pong game so that I learn some new skills. Particularley with the HTML5 Canvas Element. I also wanted to have a crack at learning some AJAX since I’d never really used it before. The game runs well in browsers that support it. Apparently it should work in Internet Explorer 9 when it comes out.

For a long time, the best score I could get was around 50 but then I managed to get 99 when will be really hard to beat. So have a go. You’ll need to log in so that your scores can be tracked. Click here to play Solo-Pong. Enjoy!!!

Solo-Pong Screenshot

Solo-Pong Screenshot

Pyro Stunts – The Ripper – The Horror Mix

October 19th, 2010

I had a big box set of old horror DVDs that hadn’t got round to watching yet. And on the computer, I had a few dark dubstep and dancehall rhythms. So I indiscriminately ripped some audio samples from a handful of the films and surgically spliced smashed them into some beats with a blunt instrument. The result was an unholy abomination of a mix that will take you on a wicked ride through a few horror subgenres. More info is at http://bimbimma.com/ripper/

Base FM now on Freeview

December 14th, 2008

One of the things that annoyed me when I moved from Freemans Bay to Glenfield in 2006 was that I would not be able to tune into Base FM anymore. This radio station broadcasts on a low powered frequency (107.3) out of Ponsonby. This pretty much meant I was out of luck if I wanted to listen to it at home. I even spent about $100 on a big VHF aerial in the hope that I could pick it up. Unfortunately there must have been another low powered radio station on the same frequency closer to me than Base FM’s transmitter in Ponsonby. So all I could hear on that frequency was some oldies music.

So I was stoked to learn the other day (quite by accident) that Base FM is now available on Freeview. I did a service search on my satellite receiver and it found it pretty much straight away. All in crystal clear digital audio.

For those new to Base FM, It’s basically a station where DJ’s specialise hip hop, drum & bass, reggae, funk and soul. The DJ’s play what they want and they are not under any commercial pressure to play rubbish. They only play music they are truely passionate about. So now that this awsome station is available all over Aotearoa, I think down the line this will have a positive influence on the creative output of New Zealander’s with an intertest in producing quality hip hop, drum & bass, reggae, funk or soul. Aspiring artists can draw from a wider range of influences instead of just what they see on C4 in primetime or by listening to banal commercial hip hop and R&B on radio stations like Mai FM and Flava.